A mediocre abstract painter from the ’40s and ’50s – Ben Nicholson?


In a recent stumble around the internet i chanced upon an interview from 2009 with painter Trevor Winkfield by Maggie Paley, for Bombesite, where i read this:

Trevor Winkfield: ……. I grew up as an ornery colorist doing everything wrong. At Leeds, the unofficial motto was: “Some Say God, We Say Ben Nicholson”.

Maggie Paley: I don’t know Ben Nicholson.

TW A mediocre abstract painter from the ’40s and ’50s whose color scheme was based on white, gray, black, pinks—English early winter colors. I was reacting against that.

At this very moment there are two major museum exhibitions, which include the work of Nicholson, currently on show in London; ‘Picasso and Modern British Art’ at the Tate and Mondrian||Nicholson In Parallel at The Courtauld Gallery (which explores the relationship between the two artists during the 1930s “when both were leading forces of abstract art in Europe”). There’s also a solo show of his Paintings, Reliefs and Drawings at Bernard Jacobson Gallery.

Funny old thing – time.

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6 thoughts on “A mediocre abstract painter from the ’40s and ’50s – Ben Nicholson?

  1. interesting – reminds me of a drawing of Wren’s St. Paul’s cathedral that I did when I was in england in 1980 – pen and ink but no pink!

  2. wow I sure like your blog roll! I have been following Painters table, art blob art blog and studio critical are a great way to see what’s going on, I think undercover painter had a list of good books. Thanks

  3. no the pink wash is like a two dimensional wash on the surface of the picture plane or in front of a three D line drawing.The drawing is such a solid architectural drawing . The pink is like a transparent piece in front. And so unexpected.

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