Untitled_P1110515 (Betty)

Painting, Untitled_P1110515, 2012 acrylic and canvas over a stretcher, Terry Greene


4 thoughts on “Untitled_P1110515 (Betty)

  1. Hi Andy, no need to apologise. The work is painted in acrylic and it’s on canvas. This particular work has been ‘knocking’ around the studio for some time and has a heavily worked up surface (and on the reverse also – i tend to work on both sides of the canvas until one side wins out or gives up). The canvas is then attached to a traditional stretcher but in a rather provisional manner. Because of the layers of paint on both sides of the canvas, when it is lightly stretched over the frame, it creates an almost pillow shaped object with a slightly convex surface. The work is relatively small at 10″ x 10″. And thank you – i’m glad you like it.

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