Ellsworth Kelly on painting


Photograph of Ellsworth Kelly

“I usually let them (drawings) lay around for a long time. I have to get to really like it. And then when I do the painting I have to get to like that too. Sometimes I stay with the sketch, sometimes I follow the original idea exactly if the idea is solved. But most of the time there have to be adjustments during the painting. Through the painting of it I find the colour and I work the form and play with it and it adjusts itself.” ~ Ellsworth Kelly



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3 thoughts on “Ellsworth Kelly on painting

  1. Good quote. By coincidence (or perhaps seriality) a book I pre-ordered arrived in the post this morning, a book on artist’s books, and opening it at Angela Kelly’s essay I read “The process of making a work – from developing a concept, to re-imagining it in process, to distilling the best of it through editing – often leads to a re-thinking of the final material form”

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