Benjamin Bridges on colour, paint and painting


Benjamin Bridges; colour, paint and painting

“I paint in oils, even the small sculpture that i make are painted in oils. It has become a very intuitive medium for me. I love to collect colours, from different companies but the majority of my paints are either Michael Harding or Old Holland. Both Brands have potent pigments and a lovely constancy. Though I try to keep my pallet broad, I find that I am drawn to certain colours. Most noticeably in my work are Indian Yellow and Phthalocyanine Turquoise which are my go to colours when I have a problem to work through. There is also a great Magenta from Bloxx and MH’s Unbleached Titanium Dioxide.

Ive worked on a number of surfaces in the past. I love the grain and edge of ply, the glow of perspex and the tone and colour of linen. At the moment I sometimes paint on MDF panels but mainly on stretched canvas. I use a 10oz ultra smooth contain duck from Russell and Chapel that is incredibly even, stretches well and has a grain good for both blending and staining.

My work is currently quite varied. Ive been thinking a lot about some of the defining aspects of really interesting painting. I keep coming back to effortless gestures. Those lines and simple blocks of colour which are able to communicate so much. From a distance you see something but you approach and all you are left with is the gesture, which is beautiful in its own right. I think painting allows me to say so much with so little. As in this glacier painting I’m leaving much more of the making visible, and letting the paint, marks and surface do the talking for me.” ~ Benjamin Bridges

Benjamin’s work can currently be seen in ‘BENJAMIN BRIDGES: PYTHAGORAS ADRIFT’ at the dalla Rosa Gallery 14 March – 12 April 2014

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