Diary of a Painting


A wee sneaky preview of a detail of the first painting in: ‘Diary of a painting’



I would like to introduce to the visitors to ‘Just Another Painter’ a new series of articles called ‘Diary of a painting’ beginning tomorrow.

‘Diary of a Painting’ introduces new work by some of the finest painters based in the UK,  Europe and the USA and offers a rare insight. Each artist has been invited to keep an intimate record of the various stimuli experienced throughout the making of a new painting.

Artists will be sharing lists of the colours employed in a painting’s making; what they were reading at the time; what they were listening to and what visually – exhibitions, movies, tv, etc. were taken in during the period, from start to finish, of the making of a new work.

I would like to thank the many readers of this wee blog and hope that you enjoy  these forthcoming articles.  I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of the participating artists for their amazing generosity. Thank you all.

The very first ‘Diary of a Painting’ will be published here tomorrow.