Diary of a painting – Hanna ten Doornkaat



My mind bounces from a word, a sentence read, a book title (poetics of space) which becomes a fragment of the idea similar to a visual fragment of a work of art seen and the faint memory of a colour combination.

I read about Mondrian’s monochromatic landscapes which he described as a continuum of sea and sky simplified into lines and divides and which according to him come closest to the truth.

Listening to Karen Dalton while drawing, a favourite of mine.

– Thinking of Klee’s ‘ line taken for a walk

– and start my ‘walk’ on paper armed with a simple graphite pencil. It is a long walk and I think about my travels through the Dutch landscape. I understand what Mondrian meant as I remember the flatness of it, the merging line between landscape, coastal line and horizon.

There are random distractions, fragments of something seen in a field, a golden bale of hay, clouds. Broken down into coloured atomistic particles they become the focal points allowing the eye to travel across the landscape of lines on the sheet.

Then suddenly I remember Richard Long’s ‘A line made by walking’ and a new idea is taking shape and I start looking it up online.

…. but that will be another work.



Diary of abstract landscape #01
atomistic broken down into particles
– a colour field as a focal point holding the viewers attention
– the colours in a work of art are random choices of something remembered
– seeing shapes in the paint put down
– seeing fragments in works looked at
– abstract landscapes
– Richard Long walks
a shadow on a wall
always thinking of Malevich’s black square
composition with lines
atomistic broken down into particles
potential point of dis-illusion when the eye looks closely?
often making strange mental connections to explain why ‘story of the eye’
John Cage –
LeWitt ‘apres midi’
a cocktail of images cruising the web

Hanna ten Doornkaat