Diary of a painting – Brooke Nixon

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

This painting began with an invitation to a 7 Day Painting Challenge on FB.  I use geometry as a container for color and began by ruling out a pencil sketch on a 24” square birch panel.  The initial intention (Stage 1) was to use fewer colors than I normally do.  I painted the entire panel in a winter violet and started slowly subtracting from that by adding areas of other colors.  Dots had been intriguing me on paintings I was seeing on FB and I learned about Frisket from a friend.  After Stage 1 I was feeling stuck.  To get things moving I added the reed and turquoise (Stage 2)… enough of trying to limit the color palette.  By Stage 3 it was time to post another painting for the Challenge.  It was Inauguration week; grays and neutrals appeared.

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

After posting Stage 3 it was clear that the painting needed to keep moving.  The configuration felt awkward and the dots were limiting the fluid way I like to move color around.  By Stages 4 and 5 the form and spatial relationships had become interesting but the color remained unresolved.  On the day Donald Trump was inaugurated the color came together (Stage 6) with the lower
gray ‘house’ and other dark notes reflecting the bleak political mood.  The Women’s March(es) took place the following day and I spent the weekend soaking up the surge of positive energy.  At a certain moment I knew that I wanted to bring all the pink power of the marches into the painting.  I also recognized that in order for that to happen I had to risk destroying a ‘perfectly good’ painting.  This gave me pause.  Hmmm????

Women’s March, January 21, 2017