Diary of a painting – Julian Brown

Diary for painting Fairground Attraction 2016

It all started with a trip to the fair
My daughters nervous excitement
The smell of candy floss
Helta Skelta
Fairground shoddiness
Drug paraphernalia
Tattoo shops
The waltzer
The Ringmaster

Come home and find a charming film of Joby Carters sign writing, love the drop shadows

Russell & Chapel exhibition profile stretcher bars
12oz cotton duck
Staple gun
Golden Gesso
Green frog tape
Norton Sandpaper
Clutch pencils
Thin washes of Golden C.P cadmium yellow light

Golden glazing liquid
Golden Phthalo blue (red shade)
Golden hansa yellow light
Golden nickle Azo yellow
Golden quinadone burnt orange
Golden C.P cadmium orange
Golden Phthalo blue (green shade)
Pip Seymour Cinabrese (Flesh Tint) pink
Pip Seymour raw umber

Test match Special from India
Silicon Soul – very loud
Chilly Gonzales piano music
Sleaford Mods
Noise of school children
Tip toe for a view of the sea
Watch the 360 tower go up – go down
Pure afternoon Brighton light
When Freddie’s kip is over 3 hour interruptions……
Plastic sheets
Tissue paper
Printing rollers
More Glaze
Evenings closing in

Golden C.P cadmium red dark
Golden ultramarine violet
Golden Phthalo green (blue shade)
Golden transparent brown iron oxide

Julian Brown