Julian Brown on colour, paint and painting

Julian Brown; colour, paint and painting

“I buy my stretchers and canvas from Russell & Chappel. The stretcher bars are made from laminate wood which stops them warping and the solid construction makes them easy to use again if the painting never comes off.

I tend to spend a long time preparing the canvas starting by washing and sanding the surface to remove all the dust. Then I mask and seal the edges so when the painting is finished the raw canvas or linen is exposed, my work is quite painterly so this helps the edge look considered. Depending on the kind of surface I’m looking for preparing the gesso ground can be along process of sanding down lots if layers to remove the tooth on the canvas.

I always use Golden acrylics and mediums. Every painting is different but lemon yellow light, cadmium orange, manganse blue, quinacridone nickel azo gold and light magenta are staples, I also mix up Aubergine and a putty colour for layering.” ~ Julian Brown

Julian’s work will feature in the Contemporary British Painting Group Show, St Marylebone Crypt in Dec 2014