Bed Bath & Between @ Soil Gallery


Bed Bath & Between
February 5th – 28th  2015

Julie Alexander (Seattle)
Katrin Bremermann (Berlin)
Maria Britton (Brooklyn)
Dawn Clergy (Seattle)
Terry Greene (UK)
Margie Livingston (Seattle)
Nicholas Nyland (Tacoma)
Matthew Offenbacher (Seattle)
Mathieu Wernert (Strasbourg, France)

Oscar Wilde’s reputed last words: “My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go.”

The artists in Bed Bath & Between conflate high modernism with sewing projects, easel painting with thrift store shopping, conceptual thinking with material exploration. By placing these works in and around highly patterned wall coverings, the curators are curious about certain basic figure/ground relationships. Is this all just decoration or do these relationships mean something?

Bed Bath & Between explores human pattern building and the insistent dissolution and reforming of patterns. Each iteration in the process reflects the individual and their social group. The challenge of distinguishing a figure from a ground is a fundamental human challenge. Life is the emergence of a figure, a complex series of negotiations between a figure and a richly patterned ground, and a final dissolve back into the gestalt.

Curated by Julie Alexander, Nicholas Nyland, and Matthew Offenbacher

112 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 264-8061
Hours: Thu-Sun 12-5pm


Julie Alexander on colour, paint & painting

Julie Alexander: colour, paint & painting

“I paint primarily in oil on canvas using custom made stretcher bars. I use to make my own but due to lack of time I switched to custom made and they are better quality and comparably priced to the store bought ones. The oil paints I use are Daniel Smith, Gamblin, and on occasion Williamsburg paints. Daniel Smith has some great colors. I love their graphite grey and sleeping beauty turquoise. They have a good range of colors but sometimes the quality is not so hot. I love some of the Gamblin colors especially the radiant hues that are almost neon -radiant magenta, radiant yellow, radiant turquoise. I’m not crazy about the plastic consitency of the paint though. If I could afford it, most of my paint would be Williamsburg for its super rich consitency and color load. The paint seems so freshly ground. I love their Dianthus Pink and their whites. I am also incorporating more mixed media into my work.

I will start a painting with latex or acrylic and maybe some acrylic inks or flash paint. I start a painting with almost no plan except a notion of how I want to start a painting. Maybe I will pour some latex or maybe I will drip some inks. I think about whether I want the paint to go over the edges or have coagulated blobs. When I come back to it after it has dried a bit, I have something to push against. All these layers are moments when I have returned to comment on what is there or maybe negated it. I think I have an idea like “I’m going to keep white space on the edges” but the idea is always negotiable. I only want to work from a semblance of a plan but nothing strict. I’m playing with meaning that is slightly unmoored which translates, in my brain, to a process that both accepts and questions troupes of abstraction, and any signature mark of which they all are.  As you can tell, this is where I get lost in my own head and its inconsistencies, the self-delusions. But I’m good with that.”~ Julie Alexander

Julie will be participating in a group show during Bushwick Open Studios curated by Julie Torres, in May 2014

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