Kiera Bennett on painting 

‘I believe in throwing a spanner in the works regularly – it’s the only way to find new things.’ ~ kiera Bennett 


Welsh Pavilion at Sluice Art Fair 2013


Martyn Cross, Limbo Jimbo, 42x37cm, acrylic paint on found knitting pattern in second-hand frame, 2013

Welsh Pavilion at Sluice Art Fair 2013

As part of A Welsh Pavilion, Mermaid & Monster are presenting #EaselPaintings. Over the course of the weekend, a selection of artists will be displayed on our easel. Each artist has a timed slot to display one work. All of the works are for sale.

#EaselPainting Artists

Friday 18th October (Press & PV 1pm – 6pm)
Kiera Bennett 1 – 3pm
Yelena Popova 3 – 4.30pm
Neal Jones 4.30 – 6pm

Sat 19th October
Brendan Lancaster 12 – 2pm
Martyn Cross 2 – 4pm
Corinna Spencer 4 – 6pm
Bruce Asbestos 6 – 9pm

Sunday 20th October
Aly Helyer 12 – 2pm
Terry Greene 2 – 4pm
Nicholas Carrick 4 – 6pm
Gordon Dalton 6 – 9pm