Rachael Pinks on painting


“Working intuitively, for me, is about trusting and not thinking – the thinking part comes later on in the process.” ~ Rachael Pinks

South Coasters Embrace The North @ Old Lockup Studio


30th July until 1st August 11am-4pm.

work will include film, photography, prints, painting, ceramics, photo-books and installations.

Confirmed artists (so far): Rachael Pinks, Martin Heron, Matt Rowe, Paddy Hamilton, Helen Gillilan, Terry Greene, Ol’ Schofield, Vinca Brown, Andrew Ashton, Fraser + Karen Donachie, Marc Christmas, Dead Gull A. K. A. Martin ‘The fish’, James Marsh, Gregory Dunn A. K. A. ‘Stoney butter’, Gareth Simmons A.K.A. (Budgie).

The Old Lock Up Studio

Salon 8 @ The Old Lock Up Studio

Salon 8 @ The Old Lock Up Studio

22nd April 6-9pm.

Rebecca Appleby
Paul Behnke
Jackie Berridge
Claudia Boese
Lisa Denyer
Terry Greene
Geoff Diego Litherland
Mandy Payne
Rachael Pinks
Clay Smith

The Old Lock Up Studio
Swifts Hollow
The Hill