Richard Diebenkorn on painting 

‘It is not a matter of painting life. It’s a matter of giving life to a painting.’ ~ Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn on painting


“With me, and I’m sure with lots of artists, there are moments when you, when you feel that things are looking pretty repetitious, and you somehow get set out, set up on the canvas in a pretty familiar way, and at which time one, in a given mood, may want to reject this, you know, really want to stir things up and get off on a totally different foot…” ~ Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn on painting


richard diebenkorn the ocean park

“Abstract literally means to draw from or separate. In this sense every artist is abstract… a realistic or non-objective approach makes no difference. The result is what counts.” ~ Richard Diebenkorn

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