Tal R on painting 

‘For me art comes from a really personal, intuitive place.’ ~ Tal R 

Tal R on art


“I feel that art is the only field or discipline where vulnerability is thought of as a good quality. It’d be hard to be vulnerable in the world of politics and business. That’s one of the things that makes art special. A work of art can reveal certain aspects of human nature that other fields can’t. Art is so important for a society, because it is the ghost in the machine.”~ Tal R

Tal R on painting


“I never want to get into a situation where I would wonder what color to do a painting in. It’s the opposite: the painting should tell me at least 50 percent of the time what color I should use, whether I like it or not. The other 50 percent of the time I have to work out what is necessary to make the painting come alive.” ~ Tal R