Tom Hackney on painting

‘I’ve always used grids as a transcriptional vehicle and a structural basis for thoughts and ideas.’ ~ Tom Hackney

ENCOUNTERS Open Day Sat 22nd February 10am ­ 7pm

Sat 22nd February

10am ­ -7pm

4pm ­ Meet the Artists

73 High Street, High Barnet, EN5 5UR

As part of encounters project, artists have been invited to create site specific and socially interactive works in office cubicles and reception areas as part of a residency programme:

● Reception: Llew Watkins

● Room 1: Caroline Kha Ensō drawing/performance at 10.30am and 3pm on open day

● Room 2: Andy Wicks

 Paintings by Benjamin Bridges, Robin Footitt, Tom Hackney and Michael Mcmanus will form a special part of the exhibition where paintings are presented in a context of contemplation and sustained viewing.  Painting for these artists either form the primary foundation of their artist practice or acts as an extension.

Throughout the encounters open day, Anne Harild’s animation, ‘Taking Time’, created in response to her St. Mary’s Hospital residency will be screening.  The film takes a profound look at the immaterial qualities of light highlighting, alternating and shifting our perception of space, structures and form.

encounters is an art and curatorial project by Caroline Kha exploring contemplative acts, interactions and meeting points between daily life and contemporary art practice.

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