Vincent Hawkins on painting


“It doesn’t really matter if nobody likes what you do; it’s more the development of a “dialogue” and therein lays its success…….as I see it.” ~ Vincent Hawkins

the seed of its opposite @ Gallery North

the seed of its opposite @ Gallery North
26 Oct – 11 Nov 2015

Private View: 29 Oct. 6 – 9pm

Shelagh Atkinson, Karl Bielik, Lauri Hopkins, James Lumsden, Elfyn Lewis, EC, Terry Greene, Erin Lawlor, Jai Llewellyn, Richard Caldicott, Fieroza Doorsen, Vincent Hawkins, Shawn Stipling, Gwennan Thomas

Gallery North
Glasgow Kelvin College
75 Hotspur Street
G20 8LJ